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Fun With Headlines: “Nothing To Be Proud Of Rus…”


This morning’s “Fun with Headlines” post comes from The Miami Herald and it deals with two – count ’em – two! – volleyball tournaments set to take place in the Miami area over the coming weeks:

“Two tournaments make Miami center of volleyball universe”

Wow! The center of the volleyball universe? Is that where nets are galaxies and planets are merely ethereal orbs that bumped, set and spiked back and forth across the heavens by the gods? Far out!

What I enjoy perhaps most about this story is the first sentence:

“If it seems like Miami’s female population grew a couple of inches in the past 24 hours, there’s good reason.”

Huh? What does that even mean? How does a population grow in terms of inches? Regardless, if these were two tournaments happen to involve the lovely ladies of beach volleyball, I know what population might grow a few inches…

The population in my pants, and the time is long overdue for its census to be taken…

Speaking of making no sense, what in the hell did that mean? Can’t worry about that now.

Two tournaments make Miami center of volleyball universe [The Miami Herald]