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Do You Know What This Is? (Rubs Ring Finger And Thumb Together) This Is The World’s Smallest Violin, Playing Just For The Rookies

mr-pinkLeave it to a line from Mr. Pink to completely express how I feel about the dreadful, simply dreadful news that rookies entering the NBA this year will likely not receive the obscene amounts of money from sneaker companies that we are accustomed to seeing – the companies are simply not willing to pay. This leaves these players with few options when negotiating an endorsement contract with the shoe companies.

This leaves agents and players with a choice that top draft picks have never really had. They can sign for any money they can get now or they can have confidence in their ability and sign a deal when they have some stats to add leverage to the game.

What do you mean? We’re expecting these kids to actually prove their they’re (I CAN SPELL GOOD!) decent basketball players at the professional level before Nike, Adidas, etc. throw buckets of money at them? Surely you jest!

Hopefully, these guys will be able to squeak by on the paltry sums they get paid to play basketball. According to, the rookie pay scale for players coming into the league last year ranged from $4.019 million for the first overall choice all the way down to just under $798K for the last pick of the first round.

Man, I would hate to be the 30th pickĀ  in the NBA draft and only be guaranteed nearly $800K to play basketball. It’s dire economic straits like this that made Latrell Sprewell unable to feed his family.

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