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If You Cut Him, Does He Not Bleed? Dirk Nowitzki Reveals How He Is A Man In Touch With His Feelings


Dirk Nowitzki (without the go-ahead from his publicist, I imagine) opened up a vein for the German publication, Bild Magazine, and discussed his innermost feelings regarding his rocky relationship with the mother of his unborn child, Cristal Taylor. What we learn is Dirk is a very deep and emotionally vulnerable man at the moment.

What follows are some of the money quotes:

“In the beginning, I was very down and disappointed, sad and furious. But I made a few steps forward and I think someday I will be over it totally.”

Nowitzki also addressed how he and Taylor originally met, and let me tell you, I’m surprised this didn’t work out – you know, in a Tom Hanks-Meg Ryan You Got Mail sort of way:

“She told me she dialed the wrong number and was trying to call her brother,” Nowitzki said. “We talked, texted and e-mailed a lot over the next three years, but we never met. It was more of an Internet type of flirt.

“We had daily contact, then none for months. But we were friends for so long, we finally met and the first meeting was good. Then in December, we got engaged, but we didn’t have a real date for the wedding. She had further plans and wanted to get married in July.

“She was an interesting woman. She was funny and never boring.”

It is indeed shocking that these two star-crossed lovers didn’t make it. Dirk also defended himself when it came to Taylor’s, uh, unique appearance. How does he do it? By comparing her to Italian food, of course.

“Well, everybody has different tastes. Some people love Italian food, some don’t.”

‘Tis true, Dirk, but that doesn’t mean they have to like all food that claims to be Italian, because if Taylor were an Italian food, she’d be a bowl of microwaved SpaghettiO’s with a side dish of craziness.

Finally, Dirk discusses how he envisions his future personal life, after he comes to terms with what has happened to him:

“I still want to have a family, but the wounds have to heal first. I want to raise a family and have a couple of small Dirks running around. But it will not be easy to win my heart.”

Ladies, you heard the man. Dirk has thrown down the love gauntlet. Do any of you gals out there feel you are woman enough to be his woman? Remember, he is a broken man, but so very, very rich. I’m sure some gold digger caring young lady will be willing to give it a shot.

And if you somehow succeed to win Dirk’s affections, you will have a couple of small Dirks to look over – does that sweeten the deal or not? That’s a tough one for sure.

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