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I Would Like To Mention How Much I Love The Concept Of Gloria Estefan Buying A Stake In The Dolphins But Words Get In The Way


Sorry, that Gloria Estefan reference was the best I could do – MJD over at Shutdown Corner already beat me to the “rhythm is going to get you.” You have to get up pretty early to best MJD – heck, he even admitted to attending one of her concerts.

Oh yeah, I should probably mention that seven-time Grammy Award winner Gloria Estefan and her producer husband, Emilio (it must really burn him up that he’s only the second most famous Emilio in the world) Estefan are reportedly buying a small ownership stake in the Miami Dolphins. How very exciting!

When you consider that the Dolphins already have formed a partnership with Jimmy Buffett and his Landmark beer company in the naming of the stadium and this development, the Dolphins have no cornered the baby boomers and the latin market in Miami. All that is needed is to have Cher be the halftime entertainment at every home game and there will not be one part of the Miami population not spoken for at Dolphins games.

Well played, Miami Dolphins. Well played.

One piece of advice, though – whatever the organization plans to do to use Gloria to promote the franchise, don’t let Gloria ever ride on the team bus. Yeah, that wouldn’t be good.

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