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Alright, It’s Time To Launch This Post, So Say It With Me…It’s Time…For Last Call!

Of course, the title of tonight’s Last Call is an homage to Adrian Peterson’s awkward effort of whipping up the fans into a frenzy at a Wild game last winter. Long story short: the Wild bring in a local celebrity to lead the crowd in the chant, “Let’s Play Hockey!” before every home game, and Adrian, clearly confused, screwed up a three-word line. I guess he won’t be starring in that remake of The Longest Yard everyone has been talking about lately.

Really? They already made it? Huh.

Alright, let’s move it inside, shall we?



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The Main Course

  • It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia “Door to Door Oilmen”
  • Dessert

  • Kate Beckinsale


Dinner Music Provided By:

  • Walt Mink, “Miss Happiness”

Enjoy. See you in the comments section.