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The Morning Bowl (June 19th): I Guess Getting Dad The Video Game “Punch Out” Is Better Than Punching Dad Out


• Buy your dad “Punch Out” and download a Punch Out-themed card. Everybody wins. Except for the person that loses. [FirstCuts]

• Dealing with “The Lebron Situation” Pulp Fiction style. Awesome. [Amphibious Sports Duo]

• Punte sounds off on the UFL Draft. Yeah, it happened. No, seriously, it did. [With Leather]

• Sean Leahy provides an in-depth recap of the NHL Awards Show. [Puck Daddy]

• On the flip side, Hex reveals who were the winners of this season’s “NHL Lasties.” [Melt Your Face Off]

• Shakey reveals what he believes were the best comments of the week from Deadspin. [Style Points]

• Maria Sharapova flashing? This I gotta see! [Sports Rubbish]