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The Devil At Daniel Webster (Elementary School)


Dodgeball can be a dangerous game to play. Every year, hundreds of kids are injured playing the game at school in gym class – and that’s not even including the injuries sustained at the hands of their teachers.

By the way, what did you think of that literary reference in the title, readers? Pretty impressed I bet, huh?

Alright, I can tell you’re not very impressed at all, but your disappointment is nothing compared to how the local authorities feel about Daniel Sanabria of New Rochelle, New York. What did he do? During a substitute teaching gig at Daniel Webster Elementary School, in the heat of an argument with a 10-year-old boy in gym class over dodgeball, of all things, the Sanabria choked the kid. Yep.

After an exchange where Sanabria claimed the child was being difficult, the child’s homeroom teacher began to walk the kid to the principal’s office. That’s when things got interesting:

“It appears the substitute gym teacher antagonized the whole situation,” Leak said. “The kid was walking away, and the gym teacher started calling him things like ‘a big baby’ and ‘crybaby.’ “

The child seemed angered by the comments and tried throwing a punch at Sanabria but missed, Leak said. Sanabria is accused of responding by grabbing the child from the back of his neck, taking him down to the ground and dragging him across the gym floor into the hallway.

The child tried kicking his way free of Sanabria’s grip when the substitute teacher responded by putting him in a sleeper-style chokehold, police said.

All of this went on in front of the child’s classmates and homeroom teacher, who tried to break up the fight, Leak said.

It’s never good when a 10-year-old kid can get the best of you to such an extent you are left with no other option than choking them – things rarely work out for the best. Just ask JonBenĂ©t’s dad, John Ramsey.

Ooohhh, burn! Don’t worry about him, though – he’s nailing Natalee Holloway’s mom now, so he’s alright. And when he gets tired of hitting that, he’ll just move on to the next one – I mean, do you know how many kids go missing in a day? Missing and exploited children are the source of a veritable poon bonanza for John Ramsey. Keep ’em comin’, he says – or goin’ I guess would be more accurate.

Oh, about that Sanabria guy? Yeah, I don’t think he’ll be subbing any time soon. Maybe at a Catholic school, I suppose.

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