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Maria Sharapova Is Strong, Has Editing Talents


So I head out to the mailbox yesterday evening to…check the mail – what else was I going to do? Play tiddlywinks with it? Jeez.

Anyway, what did I find among the assorted bills, ads, several court summons, a package for my neighbor from the “Pocket Pussy of the Month Club” (he’s a bit off) and a love letter from Rue McClanahan (don’t ask – that broad clearly does not understand how a restraining order works)?

Well, if you guessed my brand-spanking new issue of ESPN The Magazine, treat yourself to a Vanilla Wafer. You earned it.

Allow me to explain before you begin to question my sanity as to why I have a subscription to ESPN The Magazine – I was confused and misled – clearly, I have a wholly different interpretation of what would be involved in a “Two Way” with Stuart Scott. Damn false advertising. Hey Stu, I’m still waiting for you to “holla back” at me – what gives? Didn’t I “make the cut”?

Anyhoo, back to the magazine. I was filled with joy when I saw that none other than the Matron Saint of the Sportress, Maria Sharapova, was on the cover for another installment of the magazine’s “Revenge of the Jocks” recurring feature. Oh happy happy day! And look how she’s tearing up that

After I perused the lovely photos of Miss Sharapova and took a nap, I put my pants back on and began to page through the periodical and discovered that Maria is quite the editor. I can’t believe she found the timeĀ  in her busy schedule to place and arrange all the ads, enforce deadlines, massage Bill Simmons’ fragile ego, attend production meetings and oversee the production of an entire bi-weekly magazine. Simply impressive.

You go, girl. I’m proud of ya. This was almost as awesome as when Dee Mirich was the guest editor for Cat Fancy magazine. Hey, I said almost.

Maria Sharapova’s ESPN Cover Is Blown [Off the Baseline]