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One Hitter: Anna Rawson + GoDaddy Commercial = Yes

Here’s a little sneak preview of Anna Rawson’s GoDaddy commercial which is set to debut during coverage of the U.S. Open. For those of you not familiar with her, Anna Rawson is a professional golfer (although I do not recall ever hearing her name mentioned in connection with an LPGA tournament) who also happens to be a relatively handsome woman.

Okay, it’s not the sexiest ad (read: needs more lesbianic overtones), but we”ll take whatever we can get when it comes to Anna Rawson, right?

I don’t know why, but that genie kind of creeps me out – for some reason, I believe viewing this commercial may one day evoke a repressed memory of my church group’s trip to the beach when I was 9, but I’m not certain.

Moving on to the lovely Anna’s acting ability, I’d be willing to give her nine-and-a-half.

BOOOO-YAAAAHHHHH! Zing!! * honk honk* *barrroooo barroooo**eeeorrr eeeeorrr* Hubba hubba!

God, I’m so lame.

[H/T Devil Ball Golf – you’re doing the Lord’s work, sir]