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Janet Reno Vs. Alonzo Mourning: Who Ya Got? (UDPATED)

janet-renoalonzo-mourning To be honest, if this was a head-to-head matchup regarding dancing ability or quality of kidney functioning, I would have to go with Reno. On the other hand, if this were about the ability to negotiate a peaceful resolution with a messianic religious cult, I’d have to go ‘Zo. Basketball? Probably Mourning, but I haven’t seen the former Attorney General ball so it’s hard to say.

But this isn’t about any of these things – it’s about who should have a school named after them in Miami. From Game On!:

The Miami-Dade County School Board is scheduled to make that choice today, as it debates what to name a new school in North Miami.

The city council wants to name it after the Miami native who became the first female U.S. attorney general. But, according to CBS/Channel 4, the  county’s school naming committee voted to name it after Mourning, the former Miami Heat basketball star.

Hmmm…this is certainly a tough call. Playing the Reno-deserves-it angle,  you  have a well-respected woman who rose to one of the highest offices in the land in her chosen profession and for Alonzo, you have a real tall guy who seems pretty nice and could play basketball pretty well.

Hoo boy, this is a tough call – a tough call, indeed. I say they arm wrestle for it, may the best man – er, person, win.

UPDATE: Alonzo Mourning prevailed. Good for him, but hell hath no fury like a beastly woman scorned. Just a warning.

Alonzo Mourning in showdown with Janet Reno [Game On!]