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I Am Shocked To Learn That Someone That Looks Like This And Is Associated With Mountain Biking Is Mixed Up In The Marijuana Trade


I guess you can never tell a book by its cover. Outdoor enthusiasts must  have been pretty bummed out when they heard the news that former mountain biking world champion Melissa “Missy” Giove was arrested on federal drug charges after she was pulled over in upstate New York driving a truck and trailer which was loaded with almost 200 pounds of marijuana.

U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration officials said Wednesday that the 37-year-old Giove, of Chesapeake, Va., and 30-year-old Eric Canori of Wilton were charged Tuesday with conspiring to possess and distribute more than 100 kilograms of marijuana.

Authorities said they seized nearly 400 pounds of pot from the truck and from Canori’s home outside Saratoga Springs, 25 miles north of Albany.

Giove and Canori were in the custody of U.S. Marshals pending detention hearings Thursday afternoon in Albany.

Holy moly that’s a lot of grass, man. The DEA claims that they were made aware of the large quanities of weed after a truck carrying over 200 pounds of marijuana was pulled over in Illinois. Authorities completed the shipment to Albany, New York where Giove took possession of the vehicle. Agents then followed Giore to Canori’s residence where the truck was dropped off. Although Giore was arrested a short time later in Saratoga Lake, but the mother lode was found at Canori’s home:

A search of Canori’s home turned up more than 150 pounds of pot and more than $1 million in cash stashed in a closet and the basement, the DEA said.

Who knew that being a downhill mountain biking world champion could lead you down the path into being party to the shipment of hundreds of pounds of weed? Just by witnessing the kind of people that cruise around on mountain bikes gives the impression that the sport would only attract people living life on the straight and narrow.

The next thing you are going to tell me is snowboarders and other athletes that participate in sports found in the X-Games like to smoke weed, too.

What’s that? You’re kidding me, right? Man, I have to get out more.

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