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And Now, In Rio News…


Lots of stuff (well two things) about Rio/Brazil in the news today.

First off, the city of Rio de Janeiro appears to be making serious headway in becoming the front runner to host the 2016 Olympics.

The Brazilian city emerged with the most buzz among the four cities which made presentations Wednesday to members of the International Olympic Committee, and must be considered a potential leading contender going into the final decision in Copenhagen on Oct. 2 against Chicago, Madrid and Tokyo.

Personally, I can’t see how the IOC could pick against Rio de Janeiro – that is, unless they don’t appreciate the beauty of barely-clothed women, the festival atmosphere of Carnaval and fantastic climate. Sorry, Chicago, you’re a great town, but compared to Rio, you might as well be Omaha.

Secondly, the Brazilian soccer team laid a serious beat down on the U.S. team in the Confederations Cup by a score of 3-0, which if I’m doing my math correctly, would be something like 90-0 in hockey or baseball.

So congratulations to Brazil – any time this fine country can make some news that is somehow tangentially related to sports, I get to do an entertaining image search. In other words, keep it up.

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