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One Hitters: Writer Wonders If Jeter’s Defense Is Getting Better With Age


In scanning the headlines today, I noticed that writer Jon Paul Marosi wrote an article entitled, “Is Jeter’s Defense Getting Better With Age?”

Without bothering to read the article (I’m very busy, you know), I can tell you unequivocally that yes, Jeter’s defense is better now that he is older. Why? The answer is simple:

With age comes wisdom – and with that additional experience and knowledge, Jeter now realizes if he makes it a routine to take his Valtrex right away in the morning, he is much less likely to forget. Remember kids, defense is the best offense – especially when it comes to dealing with the herp.

Unfortunately, it won’t help any of these ladies:


If only I had been there to warn all of these lovely young women. Sigh.

Is Jeter’s defense getting better with age? []