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Nike Is About To Learn Eddie Van Halen Ain’t The Worst That They Seen, Oh Can’t You See What I Mean?


(Image courtesy of via FirstCuts)

(insert rockin’ keyboard solo)

While obviously wearing his Bad Idea jeans, Eddie Van Halen has decided to sue Nike over shoes. Yep. Shoes.

Pictured above is a shoe from Nike’s new line, Down Lows, which Van Halen alleges violates the trademark design of his red, white and black striped “Frankenstein” guitar, as well as his own line of shoes, EVH, of which a sample pair is pictured after the jump.



Yeah, I have to admit they do look pretty similar, but is it the wisest business move to sue Nike? Before you know it, Eddie will be working the third shift as a supervisor at a shoe factory in Seoul, South Korea. I guess that’s still better than getting back together with David Lee Roth.

I don’t know, I think everything started to go downhill for Eddie after he and that Valerie Vermicelli gal got divorced. And now she looks so good and skinny after her bout with bulimia, it must really bum him out. But hey, I ain’t talkin’ ’bout love here, this is business.

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