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As Luck Would Have It, There Wasn’t A Craptastic Movie To Make On His Schedule


Good news, Canadians! Kevin Costner is coming to your country!

Yesiree, Costner has agreed to take part in the inaugural Mike Weir Charity Classic, which will be held July 20th at the Glen Abbey Golf Club in Oakville, Ontario.

Oh, by the way, to our friends in the Great White North, if you like, you can keep the overrated douchetard.

On to the gory details.

Costner developed a cult following among golf fans with his portrayal of driving range pro Roy McAvoy in the 1996 movie “Tin Cup.” The two-time Oscar winner is an avid golfer who has played the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am every year since 1996.

Costner has a cult following among golf fans? If that’s the case and not a load of crap made up by some publicist, I blame it on one of three things:

  1. Golf fans are complete morons;
  2. Golf fans don’t enjoy quality filmmaking; or
  3. Golf fans are complete morons and don’t enjoy quality filmmaking.

But how did Mike Weir get so lucky to land such an A-Lister?

“He’s gotten to know Mike through some of the other charity events, and loves the game, and wants to help out,” [Royal Canadian Golf Association executive director Scott] Simmons said Wednesday on a conference call. “I’m sure he’ll be visible.”

Sweet. It can’t get any better for the first-ever Mike Weir Charity Classic, can it?

Costner’s impact on the tournament won’t be limited to an appearance in Weir’s tournament — the 54-year-old and his band Modern West will provide the entertainment Thursday night, following the first round of the Canadian Open.


“I haven’t heard them live, but I hear they’re a great show,” said Simmons.

You poor, poor misguided man. Are you ever going to be disappointed.