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The Morning Bowl (June 16th): Skip Bayless Must Be Secure In His Masculinity – Or He’s A Fruit


• Skip Bayless admits Brett Favre is “still good lookin’ dude.” [The Rookies]

• Bonnie Bernstein, lesbian. Oops, I mean thespian – I always get those two mixed up – I suppose that’s why I was just fired as director of the fall play at Vassar. [Awful Announcing]

• If you’re not reading Will Leitch’s “Ten Humans” column on Deadspin every week, you’re missing out. [Deadspin]

• The real loser of this year’s Stanley Cup Finals – the Meteor. [Melt Your Face Off]

• ClintonPortishead salutes Phil Jackson, roast-style. [Style Points]

• Alabama golfer golfs 500 holes in a row. Crazy. [Devil Ball Golf]