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Scratch “Watching U.S. Women’s Open” Off My List Of Things To Do


Disappointingly, Michelle Wie failed to qualify for the U.S. Women’s Open, shooting a 74 in the second round of qualifying, missing the cut by one shot. This will be the first time since Wie was 13 that she will not play in the Open.

Perhaps I’m taking it too far by claiming I won’t watch the Women’s Open this year simply because Wie will not be playing. Of course, Wie is the most compelling player on the Ladies Tour but there are plenty of other golfers to follow, right?

Also failing to qualify were Natalie Gulbis and 18-year-old rookie Vicky Hurst.

Oh. No Natalie Gulbis, either? Nevermind.


Side note: I was planning on using the angle, “Sure, Michelle didn’t make the cut for the U.S. Open, but at least she’ll be able to enjoy her hole-in-one during the LPGA Championship from over the weekend” and I intended to embed video of her ace. Unfortunately, no video exists on the internets of her hole-in-one on the 8th hole from Saturday (photo of Michelle celebrating said shot above). Sure, there’s no video of Wie’s shot but you can find video of 18-year-0ld girls having sex with coyotes on the internet, right Artie Lange?

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