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Now That The Smoke Has Begun To Clear From The Bong Photo, Michael Phelps Is Set To Sign New Endorsement Deal


After Kellogg’s famously dropped Michael Phelps as a spokesperson after a photo surfaced of the 14-time Olympic medalist taking a hit off a bong at a party, some wondered if the Michael Phelps brand had been irreparably damaged. As is this case with most things, time heals all wounds and Michael Phelps is set to announce an endorsement deal with H2O Audio and their waterproof headphones. Phelps prefers to use H2o’s headphones during training sessions because they do not fall out when he makes turns in the water.

“Now I feel like I can incorporate music in my warm-ups. It allows me to warm up better. I can push off as hard as I want to — and still hear perfectly clear in the water.”

Obviously, this partnership is a match made in endorsement heaven, considering Phelps is about the only swimmer most people would recognize, let alone name.

I have to wonder, though: will the headphones stay in when he’s bouncing back and forth between shots of vodka and banging two strippers? These are questions I need answered before I choose to purchase this product.

Because it’s not like I would never use them in the pool – ‘Cause I’m not…I’m not that strong a swimmer.

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