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The Folks At Wimbledon Don’t Get It – We Want More Grunting And Groaning, Not Less


Officials will reportedly be cracking down on excessive grunting and groaning by players at Wimbledon this year.

But that could all be about to change as tennis officials are considering a ban emitting too much noise.

As it stands players can have a point awarded against them if the umpire feels they have hindered an opponent.

However new proposals to make noise hindrance part of  the International Tennis Federation’s code of conduct, could mean grunters could potentially forfeit a whole game or match.

Well that seems a bit harsh. Apparently, Maria Sharapova is one of the worst offenders, whose shrieks can reach 101 decibels.

However, Nick Bollettieri, the renowned coach who has instructed Sharapova, Monica Seles, among others on the finer points of the game, maintains that he does not teach grunting.

“My staff and I have never taught grunting. We have always taught the proper way to breathe in and out. Players grunt because it helps them release energy and keep focused.”

Sure you haven’t, Nick. At least on the tennis court, amirite? *wink wink* *nudge nudge*

Ha. He’s a perv.

The grunt stops here: Tennis officials plan crackdown on noisy players [Daily Mail via Game On!]