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How Can This Can Be Considered A True Pittsburgh Celebration Without This Hottie In Attendance?


And believe me, if she had been there, we would have certainly been able to see her.

An estimated 375,000 fans flooded the streets of downtown Pittsburgh today to celebrate the Penguins’ Stanley Cup victory. And we’re happy for them, aren’t we? Real great. Super. The moment even appeared to move Sidney Crosby.

As he did after Game 7, Crosby lifted the cup above his head and told the crowd today was better than he ever dreamed. He sounded choked-up as he thanked the crowd and the ownership for giving the team a chance to win every year.

Ha ha. What a pussy. There is only one thing in this world that should cause a man to get choked up and that’s a touching episode of Highway to Heaven. Victor French and Michael Landon, God bless you both.

Oh man, it must be getting a little dusty in here. Let’s move on.

Photos of the parade and festivities after the jump.




Ahh, doesn’t that just warm your cockles? I could be wrong, but cockles is another term for pecker, right?

Also worthy of mentioning: apparently, hockey fans aren’t the rowdy alcoholics that football fans tend to be.

Fans were markedly younger and less rowdy than those at Steelers victory parades. In another difference from football crowds, there were few people drinking alcohol or tailgating along the route — the coolers and beer cans at the February parade were replaced this time by baby strollers.

Come on, Penguins fans, you’re making us hockey fans look bad. If I don’t hear about somebody punching a cop or some guy getting beat to death with a vodka bottle, I’m going to be pissed.

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