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Racism In NASCAR? Now I’ve Heard Everything


Just when you think you have everything figured out in the world of sports, life throws you a curveball.

Bryan Berry, crew chief for Nationwide Series driver Brendan Gaughan, has been suspended indefinitely for using a racial slur regarding driver Marc Davis, who is black.

Bryan Berry apparently used the slur as he walked toward the Nashville Speedway garage to confront Davis during Saturday night’s race. At least two people heard the slur and reported it to NASCAR, which investigated the claims before suspending Berry.

I simply cannot believe what I’m reading…

There are black people in NASCAR? Color me surprised!

Apparently, this is what went down:

Berry and Gaughan were both angry after a pit road accident. Gaughan and Davis were going down pit road when Davis turned left into the garage in front of Gaughan, who ran into Davis’ car.

What? Didn’t Davis have his turn signal on or something? I don’t get this racing stuff.

Probably written late at night utilizing the light provided by a burning cross, a statement from Rusty Wallace, Inc. stated that, “RWR requires all of our team members to adhere to the highest levels of personal conduct at all times while representing our organization and its partners. We will accept absolutely nothing less.”

If I may translate, in other words, “If you’re going to be using racial slurs in a public setting, make sure you know who is around you. We all do it, just try to use some discretion. Otherwise, keep it to yourself and use them only when hanging around with your buddies at redneck bars and Klan meetings.”

Who would have thought a group of people comprised primarily of rednecks would have racist attitudes barely hidden beneath the surface that would erupt with the slightest provocation?

Oh, was that an over-generalization of the attitudes and beliefs of NASCAR and its fans? I’m sorry, it must suck to have to deal with stereotypes and narrow-mindedness, huh? My bad.

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