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It Was A Nice Run For Newspaper Guy Barry Jackson, But He Criticized ESPN So It’s All Over For Him


Barry, Barry, what were you thinking, dude? You see, it’s okay for bloggers like myself to take potshots at The World Wide Leader In Sports, but for a newspaper man like yourself who depends on contacts, access and reputation to ply their trade, criticizing ESPN is effectively a death blow to your career. Hope you enjoyed it while it lasted, sir.

You see, Barry Jackson writes a column for The Miami Herald called the “Florida Sports Buzz,” something he has been writing since 2002 and has been with the paper since 1991. The title and theme of today’s Florida Sports Buzz column was “ESPN, going on 30 years, has room for improvement.” Some of the topics addressed (which are all spot-on, by the way) are the following:

  • Give viewers an explanation when reports, quoting anonymous sources, are disputed. This week, coach Brad Childress shot down Ed Werder’s and Mortensen’s story that the Vikings set a Friday deadline for Brett Favre to decide whether he would play for them. Whether Childress was telling the truth, it puts the onus on ESPN to explain why it believes its story was accurate and why viewers should believe it. ESPN, in this case, did not. Instead, the broadcasters lashed out at Childress — Werder accusing him of being ”totally disingenuous” and Schlereth going overboard by saying Childress has put himself in position for players “to question his integrity and character.”

Excellent point.

  • Stop the ”interactive” Tuesdays, when fans sign on and post generally worthless comments like ”Go Wildcats!” that appear on ESPN2’s college football and basketball games. If viewers want to be heard, let them exchange cellphone numbers and annoy each other with text messages.

No frickin’ crap, right? No need to turn into a forum for ham-fisted mongoloids to spew their moronic thoughts. Isn’t that why the  columns written by the ESPN columnists are on the site, right?

  • Stop telling us — 15 times in a row — that SportsCenter is next when a game is running long. We know. And everybody else knows, too, assuming they did not just arrive from the Amazon rain forest

Yep. No problem with this one either.

What I’m getting at here is ESPN controls everything in the world of sports. If you cross them, you’re as good as finished. Sorry, Barry, no more quotes from Dolphins players after the game – Ed Werder now owns your ass. And you can forget about access to the locker room to hear Dwyane Wade’s thoughts on a thrilling Miami Heat victory – Stuart Scott has his eye on you, playa. Face it, as far as sportswriting is concerned, you’re fucked, Barry.

I just don’t understand what he was thinking. He must have wanted to get fired or something.

But hey. You can always blog. You should see the scratch I’m making writing for the Sp0rtress. I mean that literally. No, seriously, I think I have a rash on my ass from sitting on it all day long – it friggin’ itches like crazy. I need to get me some corn starch, Gold Bond or something. Sheesh.

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