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Derrick Rose Regrets Flashing Gang Sign At Party, Wishes He Would Have Just Stuck With The “Whatever” Gesture


NBA Rookie of the Year Derrick Rose would like to apologize for a photo that has surfaced of him flashing a gang sign representing the Gangster Disciples Nation at a party which was reportedly taken when he was a freshman at Memphis. From a statement released by Rose:

“This photo was taken at a party I attended in Memphis while I was in school there, and was meant as a joke … a bad one, I now admit. In posing for this picture, I am guilty of being young, naive and of using extremely poor judgment. I sincerely apologize to all my fans for my mistake.”

Fair enough. Despite speculation originally reported by the Memphis Commerical Appeal alleging that Derrick Rose had someone else take the SAT test for him, by all accounts, Rose seems to be a pretty good kid. With that in mind, perhaps we should all give him a pass as it seems to beĀ  simply an error in judgment by a young kid.

However, I will be unable to forgive Rose if, by some chance, this photo causes an upsurge of white chicks flashing gang signs.

That, my friends, cannot and will not stand.

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