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When John Daly Can Get A Restraining Order Against You, It Might Be Time To Reevaluate Your Life


John Daly went to court and came out a winner Wednesday, obtaining a restraining order against his estranged wife, Sherrie, which will prevent her from attending the St. Jude Classic. The tournament, which Daly will compete in, begins today and is being held at Southwind golf course –  Sherrie’s home just so happens to be on the golf course. Well, not on the golf course, exactly – she doesn’t live in a bunker (although I imagine she’s woke up in one once or twice) – her house borders it.

Daly, Sherrie and their respective counsel agreed to the restraining order, so no evidentiary hearing was needed. The restraining order expires Friday if Daly does not make the cut. Sherrie filed for divorce from Daly two years ago.

This is Daly’s first tournament on the PGA Tour since he served his six-month suspension. Hopefully, he can make the cut, play well this weekend and in turn begin to get his life back on track. Not just for his sake, but also because I want to see what kind of crazy outfit he’ll wear next. What in the hell is he wearing there? I don’t know what you would call them – bottoms? Did he make them on his portable sewing machine out of a tablecloth he found in a diner in Topeka, Kansas? Those ain’t right, man.

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