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Stuff To Tune In To And Zone Out On For June 11th


NBA Finals. Game 4, Los Angeles Lakers at Orlando Magic. Can Orlando even up the series? I’m not sure, but I do know one thing: Jimmy Kimmel wishes this was a best of 70 series. [ABC, 9:01 ET]

Yet another example of something ESPN would rather air instead of hockey. Incredible Dog Challenge. The peanut butter challenge is a bit inappropriate, in my opinion. [ESPN2, 9:00 ET]

Calling All Cougars. She’s Got The Look. One show’s quest to find the next over-35 model. But why is this on TV Land? This confuses me greatly. [TV Land, 9:00 ET]

Boxing. Juan Garcia vs. David Rodela. It would have been better if the fight had been between Sergio Garcia and David Duvall. I’m not kidding, I can’t stand either of those guys. [Versus, 9:00 ET]

If you haven’t seen this movie, your opinions on cinema have no merit. Seven Samurai. Akira Kurosawa’s 1954 masterpiece, which was later remade as the western The Magnificent Seven. Perhaps one of the finest films ever made. [TCM, 8:00 ET]