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If Security Ejects Every Drunk And Unruly Person In Attendance At Miller Park, Will There Be Anyone Left In The Stands To Watch The Brewers?

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You know, because everyone residing in Wisconsin is a raging alcoholic. And fat – real, real fat.

The Milwaukee Brewers organization have instituted a program where fans can anonymously text message security at Miller Park when they witness inebriated, unruly and/or disruptive fans behaving inappropriately. Wait, isn’t every single person in attendance at Brewers games drunk and unruly by default? Here’s how it works:

The system is simple: Fans can send a message with the shortcode Brewers, then the numbers 41513. Fans can detail what the problem is and do so anonymously.

As you may recall, the NFL instituted a similar policy last season with their Fan Code of Conduct initiative. I have no data on how effective the Fan Code of Conduct is working but I would imagine there were still plenty of intoxicated, loudmouth fans attending NFL games last season. Just a hunch.

In the case of Miller Park, the program was instituted without much publicity, but is already making a difference.

During the game Tuesday night, a fan sent a text message from the field level about another fan who would not sit down. A stadium employee responded, gave the man a warning and continued to monitor the situation.

An inning or two later, the fan refused to stop standing and was ejected by police.

Well, thank goodness that rabble rouser got ejected, he was obviously bad news and it was only going to get worse from here. I mean, standing? At a sporting event? Won’t somebody think of the children?

Of course, “the anonymity is significant,” said Kenny Schlesinger, one of the Executive Vice Presidents of Business Operations for the Brewers.

Duh. Why would anyone want people to know that they are an asshole tattletale that enjoys  ruining other people’s fun? I understand that people starting fights and swearing in the presence of children need to be dealt with and should be escorted out of the stadium, but the first report regarding the program’s effectiveness details how a guy standing was ejected? To me, that seems a bit much. But who am I?

No, seriously. I bumped my head and can’t remember my name. Can someone take me home?

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