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The Morning Bowl (June 10th): Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders Sexy Bikini Photos!


• You read that right, brother. Now hop on over there and check them out. [Busted Coverage]

• Now you can play Bethpage Black online virtually. Dude, it’s almost like you’re really there, man. Like, not there in person, but in spirit, man. You dig? [Devil Ball Golf]

• ESPN is Style Points’ Asshole of the Week. Methinks they could wind being a repeat winner. [Style Points]

• Fred Smoot wants to be a professional bowler. He realizes the holes in the ball aren’t for dildos, right? Oh, snap! [D.C. Sports Bog]

• Epic Fail by the person who designed the Baltimore Orioles Twitter page. Oops. [Home Run Derby]

• I’ll read any post with the title “Yo, Jay, Brah, Where Do I Stick My Dick In This Thing?” Wait. That came out wrong. [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

• Finally, a pole valuter causes a pole to explode. No, that isn’t a Nazi joke. [H/T Total Pro Sports]