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Rafael Nadal Is So Determined To Play At Wimbledon He Will Defy The Fundamental Principles Of Mathematics To Do So


Rafael Nadal, who is currently dealing with pain in both of his knees, will stop at nothing in his efforts to be ready and able to compete at Wimbledon, which begins June 22nd, even if it requires flying in the face of thousands of years of mathematics.

“I am going to give my 200 percent to be ready for the most important tournament in the world. The tournament that I always dream about. I will not go out and play, especially on the Wimbledon Centre Court, if I am not 100 percent ready to play.”

But if he’s going to give 200 percent to try and get healthy, wouldn’t he be 200 percent ready to play? These Spaniards always confuse me. For instance, why did Queen Isabella fund the voyage of Christopher Columbus, an Italian, across the Atlantic Ocean in his quest to discover theĀ  New World? It doesn’t make sense!

Nevertheless, in the interest of an entertaining and competitive tournament, I hope Nadal does successfully rehab his aching knees in time for the tournament. I think all he needs to do is hunker down, square the circle, trisect the angle and double the cube and he’ll be competing on the hallowed ground of the All-England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club no problem.

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