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Mike Tyson, Your Daughter Just Recently Died In A Tragic Treadmill Accident – What Are You Going To Do?


“I’m going to go get married in Las Vegas!!”


Proving once-again that we will never understand this troubled, complicated, twisted and possibly psychopathic man, Mike Tyson and girlfriend Lakiha Spicer were wed in a private ceremony at the La Bella Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas.  This comes only two weeks after his daughter Exodus (her mother is not the bride) died after getting strangled by a cord on a treadmill in Tyson’s home in what authorities have deemed an accident.

“No guests whatsoever, just the bride and groom,” [La Bella Wedding Chapel owner Shawn] Absher said. “Very intimate, sincere. Mike seemed very happy.”

Hey, I guess life goes on. You can’t sit around and mourn the death of your daughter forever. A good 10-11 days should be more than enough time.

“I have mourned for two long weeks! Spring weeks, too! Anybody could grieve in January! It’s time for Mike to start being Mike again.”

(gratuitous Seinfeld reference)

In any event, I wish Mike and Lakiha nothing but the best. Before the happy couple fade off into Bolivian, if I were Mike, I would make sure there isn’t an exercise facility at the resort where the happy couple will spend their honeymoon.

Can’t be too careful these days.

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