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Jesus, Even Liberace Would Have Found These A Tad Garish


The Pittsburgh Steelers received their Super Bowl rings and as you can see, they are as gaudy and over-the-top as always.

The face contains six large, brilliant-cut diamonds, one for each Super Bowl victory. There are seven other diamonds that represent the Steelers’ seven conference championships and seven others below to add up to their 14 division titles in a football design.

The face includes a red, blue and yellow stone to resemble their hypocycloid logo. On one side of each ring are six Lombardi Trophies with the 27-23 score of their victory against Arizona in the Super Bowl. On the other is the ring owner’s name, the Steelers helmet logo, the NFL logo and the player’s number.

Wow. If these were not Super Bowl rings, there is no way in hell a man with any sense would wear one of these. Well, unless you were a “man’s man”, like the aforementioned Liberace.

liberaceNow that guy knew how to bring it. What that was exactly, I’m not quite sure.

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