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I Wonder If The Welcome Mat Outside Manny’s House Reads “No Killers Or Rapists, Please”


Manny Ramirez met with his teammates on Tuesday night and afterward met briefly with reporters. During said meeting, Manny elected to address his 50-game suspension. Of course, his opinions were interesting, to say the least:

“I didn’t kill nobody, I didn’t rape nobody, so that’s it, I’m just going to come and play the game”

Hey, wait a darn second! Those statement are double negatives! Is Manny implying that he did kill and/or rape someone?

Double negatives aside, the thing is, you weren’t suspended for killing or raping someone, Manny. You were suspended for using PEDs. If you had been suspended for raping or killing a person, your statement would have been relevant, but since you weren’t, it’s useless.

And even if Ramirez had killed or raped somebody, we would have all just shrugged it off as Manny Being Stabby or Manny Being Horny, right? Because the “Manny Being” meme isn’t completely worn out just yet, is it?

Oh. Well, pardon me then.

Manny Being Suspended Manny: ‘I Didn’t Kill Nobody, I Didn’t Rape Nobody’ [MLB Fanhouse]