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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner For This Yahoo Sports Editor (Last Call)


I have no idea whether this is real or not, but if it is, it’s awesome. And if it isn’t, it’s still funny. (H/T The Sports Hernia)

So, here we are again, folks. It’s Last Call at the Sportress of Blogitude. I think things went well on Saturday, so why shouldn’t they go swimmingly again?

A lot on the docket tonight, with the NBA and the NHL going head-to-head on prime time network television, so it should be a doozy.

Let’s have fun and don’t use the guest soaps this time, you got it? My mom was pissed! And let’s try to leave the Sportress in a little better shape afterward than last time, you got it?

Shit, between Weird Science references for Last Call on Saturday and now a Sixteen Candles reference today, I’m going to run out of John Hughes movies before too long. If I end up busting out something from She’s Having A Baby in the future, would somebody do me a favor and  punch me in the throat? I’d appreciate it.

Alright, and away we go.