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Hello, My Name Is Brian E. And I Am An Alcoholic


Courtesy of P.S.A.M.P.

Hey, if you worked for Versus, you would have a drinking problem, too.

Fantastic find by Pittsburgh Sports And Mini Ponies (note: be sure to check out bonus photo of Pens coach Dan Bylsma mugging for the camera). Apparently, a friend snapped this photo of Versus analyst Brian Engblom enjoying some suds after Pittsburgh’s 4-2 victory over Detroit in Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals last Thursday.

While Enblgom has every right to go out and enjoy himself by having a couple of beers with some friends without fear that it will stir up controversy, the drinking here is not what I have a problem with – it’s that shirt. C’mon, Brian – you’re better than that – or you’re not.

Engblom is not, however, the only Versus on-air personality that has an affinity for accumulating glass containers. Check out what his cohort Keith Jones keeps stored in his dressing room:


Is that…is that urine? Man, that’s just nasty.

Brian Engblom Collects Beer Bottles [Pittsburgh Sports And Mini Ponies]