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Don’t Worry, Shaq, There’s Plenty Of Ben Stein To Go Around


Being the marketing genius that I am, when the news hit that after an eye exam, it was learned that slumping David Ortiz had no serious eye problems and all that was prescribed were eye drops for dry eyes, my mind started working.

That turned out to be pretty exhausting, so I took a four hour nap. When I woke up, it hit me:

How about we get David Ortiz and Ben Stein together for some Clear Eyes commercials? Both fellows are likable, Stein has proven he works well with athletes after his entertaining Comcast commercials with Shaquille O’Neal and perhaps something to take Big Papi’s mind off his horrific season would be just the thing to bust him out of his slump.

Goddamn, I’m a friggin’ whizkid.

(video of Shaq & Stein’s Comcast and Stein’s Clear Eyes commercials after the jump)

Man, I’m going to be so rich. All I need is to get in touch with them. Hey, does anyone have Ben Stein’s phone number? Anyone? Anyone? Anyone? I know it’s something “3-0-0” in Washington. Anyone?

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