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When Told The Tickets Were To See A Petulant Young Star In Action, These People Were Aware They Weren’t For A Miley Cyrus Concert, Right?

sidneycrosbymiley-cyrusOh, snap! I so got Sid the Kid on that one, didn’t I?

For the 118th consecutive game and for the last time this season, Mellon Arena will be sold out after 500 tickets were sold in less than 10 minutes Monday morning for game six of the Stanley Cup Finals against the Detroit Red Wings on Tuesday night.

One lucky fan, Joanne Geyer, was first in line at 8:45 this morning and got herself tickets when theĀ  office opened at 10:00 a.m. The only problem was the tickets weren’t for her – her boss made her go and get them for him:

“I got the tickets for my boss and even though I’d love to go to the game I don’t think I’ll be invited,” Geyer said with a smile. “Even if I was invited, I don’t think I’d be able to pay for the ticket.”

Helluva boss you got there, Ms. Geyer. One question: what was he more pissed about – that you showed up late for work this morning or that he had to wait for his fucking dry cleaning until you went and picked it up during your unpaid lunch break?

What an asshat.

Penguins sell remaining 500 tickets in 10 minutes []