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The Morning Bowl (June 8th): Esther Rolle, David Ortiz & You


• Business_Socks gets to the bottom of what has happened to David Ortiz, and it’s frightening. [Style Points]

• Peter King is excited about the upcoming 4th of July holiday. [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

• Judging by this photo, Tony Romo is a douche. What, you already were aware of this? Why hasn’t anyone told me? [Epic Carnival]

Toronto Sun writer informs Chris Bosh that if he leaves Toronto, he will no longer be famous. Huh. [Can’t Stop The Bleeding]

• Machiavelli’s take on the BCS. This makes me wonder what Immanuel Kant’s thoughts would be – whatever they were, I’m sure they would be Enlightening. [The Rookies]

• Finally, video of a brawl breaking out during a game of lacrosse. Fights are always entertaining, right? [H/T Total Pro Sports]