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Some Crazy Dude Came Out Of The Crowd And Took A Stab At Putting A Hat On Roger Federer During The French Open Final


A man carrying a Barcelona soccer flag rushed onto the court during the second set and attempted to put a red hat on Roger Federer’s head during the Men’s French Open final on Sunday. Although Federer shook off the distraction and continued to play well in his straight set victory over Robin Soderling (6-1, 7-6, 6-4), it was a tense moment initially.

“The good thing is, like, it happened before so that’s why I guess I didn’t panic,” Federer said. “It happened in Wimbledon before when two guys ran out on the court, and once I think it was in Montreal when I lost to (Andy) Roddick when I was playing for my No. 1 ranking in the third set.”

“Normally they always kind of look at me and go, ‘I’m so sorry I have to do this,’ because they have some sort of a reason for it,” Federer said. “This guy, I don’t know, he looked at me and I was not sure what he wanted. It seemed like he wanted to give me something. So I was actually OK, because I saw he wasn’t pulling for anything stupid.”

Thankfully, this worked out better for Federer than it did for Monica Seles in 1993, when a crazed man stormed onto the court and stabbed Seles between the shoulder blades. Apparently, the man claimed to be a fan of Federer after he was taking into custody.

Video of the incident after the jump.

That Spaniard guy ain’t right. At least he didn’t mistake Federer for a windmill.

Is it too early on a Monday for literary references? I don’t think so.

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