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Justin Morneau Doesn’t Read Blogs But Is Forced To Write For One


Minnesota Twins first baseman (and 2006 American League MVP – suck it, Iracane!) Justin Morneau was forced to write a post for Twins beat writer LaVelle E. Neal III’s “Twins Insider” blog on the Star Tribune after he lost a bet to Neal regarding the outcome of the Chicago Blackhawks-Vancouver Canucks playoff series.

Morneau, a native of New Westminster, British Columbia, grew up a huge Canucks fan (he even played some goalie in Major Juniors). When the Blackhawks beat the Canucks in six games in the second round of the NHL Playoffs, Neal forced Morneau to honor the bet, which was if the Blackhawks won, Morneau had to write a post on Neal’s blog. Of course, the results weren’t pretty.

I’m not really sure what a blog is supposed to be as I have never read one. I don’t have facebook or myspace or any of those things where people can track your every move. With that said this is my attempt at blogging.

The reason that I am writing this is because I lost a bet to La Velle when my Canucks lost to his Blackhawks about a month ago. It was a huge disappointment for me as I thought they had a great bro-mance going there in Vancouver! Apparently it wasn’t as strong of a bro-mance that they had in Chicago.

Our season is two months old now and we need to start playing better on the road. We are not really sure what the difference is on the road, but hopefully we will figure it out soon.

The bro-mance joke is in regard to something Neal wrote in his game story for the Twins’ May 10th game, where he stated that Morneau and Joe Mauer have “one of baseball’s best bromances.” From this point in his post, Morneau continues on, addressing the Twins’ upcoming road trip and the opportunity to play at Wrigley Field, but I think we all get the gist, but you have to give credit to Morneau for honoring the bet.

All I’m going to add is Morneau better be careful, lest he invoke the wrath of Mauer’s Number One Fan, Elton John. I imagine Sir Elton to be the jealous, catty type. Me-ow.

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