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It’s 4:19, You Gotta Minute? (June 8th)


• Video of French dude Remi Gaillard juggling his balls. Just kidding – he actually does some cool shit with a soccer ball. Nothing sexual though, you perverts. [With Leather]

• More Big Papi stuff: he needs a slumpbuster – the fatter and nastier the better. Do you know what they say some guys like screwing fat chicks?  Because they fuck like it  might be their last time. That’s just awful. [Babes Love Baseball]

• Yao Ming on the downfall of General Motors. Man, these guys sure know how to get the stars. [Style Points]

• “How Gary Bettman restricts speech through financial intimidation” Fan-fricking-tastic post. [Puck Daddy]

• Ladies and gentlemen, the Unoffical “Around the Horn” Drinking Game. Hoo boy. I already have to be half in the bag to get through that show. Tack this on and we’re looking for trouble. [The Rookies]

Star Ledger columnist Mark Dilonno decides to go into the comments section of one of his online columns and call people pussies and chickenshits. I wonder if he was wearing Bad Idea jeans at the time. [The Big Lead]