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You’re Stewed, Buttwad!


Greetings, kiddos and kiddettes. Weed here. Welcome, welcome. Please come in, won’t you? As fate has dictated, I have been afforded the privilege of hosting tonight’s festivities and let me tell you, I am happy to have you.

As mentioned previously on SpinDead , you are more than welcome to comment anonymously here this evening (or at any other time for that matter), but if you do, make sure you make it worth my while by coming up with hilarious and profane made-up e-mail addresses – those are always entertaining.

However, if you would like to register, which enables you to more easily upload an avatar (if you are so inclined) without having to register on Wordress, you can do so here. Be sure to use your real e-mail address, as you will have to activate your account via an e-mail sent to that address. Trust me, your e-mail address will be kept in the strictest of confidence, except for me providing them to gay, bondage and bestiality websites – from which I will make a quarter apiece. Okay, not really – your information is safe with me.

With that said – or typed, I guess – please come on in. What will happen this evening, you ask? That I cannot say – but I will tell you this: there’s going to be sex, drugs, rock-n-roll…chips, dips, chains, whips. You know, your basic high school orgy type of thing. I mean, uh, I’m not talking candlewax on the nipples, or witchcraft or anything like that, no, no, no. Just a couple of hundred kids running around in their underwear, acting like complete animals.

Sound like fun? Of course it does.

And to all of you trolls out there: you ugly asses, you don’t come into my blog, with your faggot friends and your bikes, crashing through windows, making a mess, breaking furniture, stinking up the place and believe me, you do stink.

Alright, that’s it for Weird Science quotes for now, as that last one made no sense at all – it just went well with the picture.

Down the rabbit hole we go…