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Tennis Pro Richard Gasquet Insists He Has Never Taken Cocaine


Facing a two-year ban and currently serving a provisional suspension for a urine test administered at the Sony Ericksson Open in March that tested positive for cocaine, Richard Gasquet is proclaiming his innocence, claiming he never took the drug. During an interview with L’Equipe, Gasquet had this to say:

“I have never, ever, ever taken cocaine in my life. No one takes cocaine on the (ATP tennis) tour. We are so scared of everything. When I take an aspirin, I call the doctor 10 times to make sure that I can.”

Fair enough. I sincerely believe that Gasquet has never taken cocaine.

But I am willing to bet you that he has snorted the shit out of some! BOO-YAH!!!

(high fives self)

That’s what I’m talking about, people!

Facing two-year ban, Gasquet insists never taking cocaine []