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Nobody Makes Kissing Ass Pay Off More Than Chris Berman


Here’s a lesson to all of you kids out there: stick with a shtick long enough that it’s irritating to everyone except you and good things can happen.

Anyone who has watched Berman on ESPN knows he has an affinity for the Buffalo Bills, from his “No one circles the wagons…” spiel to him frequently picking the Bills in games they have no chance in winning in his “The Swami” segments. Well, all the ball-slurping finally paid off as Bills owner Ralph Wilson has tapped Berman to introduce him at his induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in August.

In announcing his decision Thursday, Wilson said he and Berman have been friends for many years and noted that, “Chris really embodies the Bills fans.”

How is that? Are all Buffalo Bills fans self-important, sweaty blowhards with an penchant for consuming Canadian pharmaceuticals? I imagine Bills diehards really appreciate Wilson throwing them under the bus like that.

I suppose Wilson didn’t really have many options other than Berman to ask to introduce him, given Marv Levy, who gave his best years to the Bills organization and led them to four consecutive Super Bowls, has been dead for years.

Really? He’s still alive? That’s interesting.

Well, it was four consecutive losses in the Super Bowl. Screw that guy.

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