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I Guess This Leaves George I, II, IV And V Left To Look Over Foreman Sr.’s Lean & Mean Grilling Empire


George Foreman III (left, along with George, Sr. and George IV) will make his professional debut in the ring Saturday when he fights Clyde Weaver in Kinder, Louisiana.

Nicknamed Monk, this was not the route his legendary father would have chosen for 6’5″, 240 pound heavyweight, but now George, Sr. supports his son’s decision, acting as Monk’s trainer and manager. The 60-year-old former heavyweight champion, who had a career record of 76-5 (68 by K.O.) even hopped in the ring to spar with his son.

“So he walks in there, doesn’t smile at me, doesn’t tell me anything, says ‘no pointers,’ ” Monk said. “He goes off in the corner, puts his headgear on by himself, didn’t give me any coaching for three days and he just pulverized me.”

And that, my friends, is how you raise a boy to not turn out to be a sissy, like so many kids are these days: step into the ring and pound the tar out of them.

Nah, I’m just kidding. Beating your kids is never appropriate – unless you are both wearing headgear and in between the ropes, then all bets are off.

In a way, I guess George, Sr. realizes that if you have the skills, you might as well put them to good use and make some money of off them. Unfortunately for George III, the kind of marketing and endorsement opportunities – like shilling for Meineke, for instance – which made his father more money than he ever earned in the ring as well as a very rich man probably won’t be there when Monk retires.

You know, because with flying cars that run on a combination of hydrogen and urine, mufflers won’t be necessary anymore. Man, the future is going to be awesome.

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