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How About We Twist This One Up And Call It A Week?


We had a big week here on the Sportress. Let’s take a look at some of the high points, shall we?

• In site news, Sportress of Blogitude popped its Twitter cherry and opened up the comments section to every half-wit internet troll.

• Jelena Jankovic got her ass kicked by a girl with a sweet ass.

• We learned that some people have so little to do with their lives that they start up Twitter accounts for average NFL quarterbacks.

• We celebrated NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman’s birthday.

• Russian female handballers brawled for our amusement. Although the term “women” is used here generously.

• Rick Fox became a walking advertisement for Dry Idea.

• We sparked a bowl for Britt Reid.

• Sammy Sosa announced his retirement, in turn making everyone aware that he used to actually play baseball.

• Twins catcher Joe Mauer became the object of Sir Elton John’s affection. Gross.

All in all, not a very bad couple of days. Of course, I would like to thank the sites that were kind enough to link to some of the posts found here on S.O.B. In no particular order, Style Points, Busted Coverage, Unprofessional Foul, Sporting Madness, SpinDead as well as all of the others. You are all appreciated. Readers, please do me the favor of helping show my gratitude by patronizing their fine sites. Thanks.

Finally, thanks to all of you who read Sportress of Blogitude. Keep commenting! It makes this so much more fun for me, which I’m sure is of the utmost importance to you.

Take care and be good to each other out there this weekend.

See you on the flipside, and go back to those Gold Soundz.