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$75 To Hear Layla Kiffin Speak? How About $100 Just To Have Her Sit There And Look Pretty? No, I’m Not A Jerk, Why Would You Say That?


Layla Kiffin, wife of new Tennessee head football coach/wackjob Lane Kiffin, is continuing her all-out assault and takeover of Knoxville by participating in some sort of football clinic for broads on Friday, June 12th.

Sorry, a football clinic for dames. Pardon me. Technically, it’s called “Lane Kiffin’s Football Clinic For Women.” The price for admission is $75 and I guess there might be some other people there talking about football or something too.

So, if you can pass yourself off as a woman as well as Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari did in Bosom Buddies and can afford a plane ticket to Knoxville, have at it. Just remember that getting within 200 yards of Layla will still be a violation of your restraining order even if you are incognito. Keep that in mind.

(Photo by Amy Smotherman Burgess)

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