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Who Would Have Thought Residents Of Buffalo Were Such Huge Mary J. Blige Fans?


Sometimes, tired of all this drama
Tired of all this drama
Pain, no more pain
No drama, no more in my life

Pity poor, poor Terrell Owens. It’s as if T.O. is suffering from some misappropriated karma that has been unduly put upon him for someone else’s misdeeds.

Owens’ search for a home in Buffalo has hit a snag, claiming “he was denied a chance to rent a home in Orchard Park because of the potential “drama” he might bring to the neighborhood.”

Owens first announced what happened late Tuesday night by posting a message on his site. The message read that he’s “tripping about residents” who won’t rent a home to him because they “(don’t) want any drama (in) their neighborhood!! LOL!!! Wow!!.”

OMG LOLZ!!11! IDK Y NO1 WANTZ 2 LIV BY U TO!!11!!1!!

Perhaps it’s because no one wants to see the activities depicted in the above photo play out in their neighborhoods on a daily basis. Yeah, that could be it.

Face it, T.O., you are like the Paris Hilton of the Bills. You’re an annoying prima donna and people wish you would just go away.

Oh, and you have a wicked case of the crabs*.

* may not be true

T.O. claims Buffalo residents’ fear of drama is affecting his housing hunt []