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Michael Vick Must Not Be In Jim Fassel’s Doghouse


Jim Fassel, former coordinator for the Baltimore Ravens and before that head coach of the New York Giants, who is now the head coach of the Las Vegas franchise (seriously, they haven’t even come up with a name yet?) of the United Football League, has went on record as saying he would welcome Michael Vick on his upstart franchise. In a radio interview with Boomer Esiason, Fassel states that he believes everyone deserves a second chance.

“I would, simply because people make mistakes. I mean, the mistake he made was horrific and everyone was taken aback by it obviously, but once he pays his debt to society, he has jail time and he’s lost everything. Everybody gets a chance to re-prove themselves.”

Indeed they do, Jim. Plus, it would be a significant upgrade from whatever mouthbreather you would alternatively have as quarterback. At least Vick probably still remembers that your hand goes on the laces.

Nevertheless, it sure is awfully big of Coach Fassell to stick his neck out and take a chance on Vick, given everything that is riding on the upcoming season.

What’s that? Nothing is riding on the UFL? Huh. Tell that to Rex Grossman, dickslinger.

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