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Thanks A Lot, Tiger Woods, Now I Don’t Know Who To Pull For In The NBA Finals


Wishy-washy as ever, Tiger Woods won’t say who he’s rooting for in the NBA Finals between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Orlando Magic, saying that growing up in California rooting for the Lakers and now residing in Orlando and having season tickets for the Magic makes it difficult to pick a side. From Tiger’s monthly newsletter on Tuesday:

“I’m really torn about the NBA finals. I grew up a die-hard Los Angeles Lakers fan but I have season tickets to Orlando Magic games. Hopefully, it will be a great series.”

Oh Tiger, you cad! We all know you won’t say who you want to win because doing so would alienate an entire fanbase which could irreparably damage your personal brand and marketability.

On second thought, it would be nice to have Tiger come out and have an opinion on something – anything. Come on, Tiger, our nation needs you now more than ever! Lead us and we will follow.

(puts on red Nike shirt and awkwardly pumps fist)

Owww! Jesus! I think I pulled something in my shoulder. Darn it all.

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