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The Morning Bowl (June 2nd): AJ Daulerio Speaks!


• Andrew Bucholtz has an enlightening interview with Deadspin editor AJ Daulerio regarding the events of the past couple of days.  [Sporting Madness]

• An NFL doubleheader has forced the Emmys to be bumped up one week. Hey, the Emmys are lucky the NFL is even allowing them to be broadcast this year. Wait. I’ve said too much. [Awful Announcing]

• Great stuff regarding Phil Mickelson’s return to the Tour [Devil Ball Golf]

• Yet another video game I will not feel compelled to waste my money on – EA Sports is developing an MMA game. [First Cuts]

• The fellas have some advice on kick-ass ringtones. Not only that, but a photo of a shirtless Tom Selleck. These guys sure know their audience. [Style Points]

• Andy Roddick is scared of the dark. [With Leather]