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Site News: Let’s Open The Floodgates And See What Trickles Through, Shall We?


In the interest of generating more discussion on this here blog, I have decided to remove the requirement that you have a registered account on Sportress of Blogitude in order to comment.

Will this work? I don’t know. Will I end up feeling humiliated and frustrated that the comments section of S.O.B. will remain as barren as Erin Andrews’ babymaker? Probably.

As an aside, all I can say is I gave it the old college try – what can I say? Erin’s a nice gal – although a little needy. Best of luck to her.

Anyhoo, all I know is I really would like to hear read your thoughts and opinions regarding the content you see here on Sportress of Blogitude and I am concerned that perhaps the steps involved in registering may be deterring some of the tens of readers that visit my site every day. For what it’s worth, you will still be allowed to register using the…um….register link on the right side of the page – that way, you can login, get an avatar and all that fun stuff.

By the way, the comment “FUCK SPORTRESS OF BLOGITUDE! COCK!” and those of that ilk are not only accepted, they’re encouraged. So have at it, mouthbreathers. Don’t disappoint me.

You won’t like me when I’m disappointed. Yanno, that just gave me a great idea: S.O.B. pictures is pleased to present: The Incredible Blog.


(rips shirt off)

Wait. Instead of me, shouldn’t my blog be ripping its shirt off? Is that even possible? I’m so confused now.

Maybe I’ll just stick with this comments thing for now.